Art & Printing Info

For Screen Printing & Promotional Products

The only form of artwork we accept as "camera ready" are vector graphic images saved as either Illustrator CS (our preferred type) or EPS with all text converted to curves, with layers maintained. We are PC based, so Mac only files are not acceptable. All other file types may be subject to an art charge.

Photoshop (.PSD) Artwork comprised of photorealistic images or native photoshop layered files (.psd) should be created and saved at 300dpi. The file(s) should be saved at the desired print sized (maximum adult tee print sized is 12 inches wide and 14 inches tall). Ideally the background will be transparent with your art on a separate layer or multiple layers.

We can accept JPG, BMP, GIF and most other graphics file types, but these will not be considered camera ready and will require our art department to rework the files in order to make them useable for screen printing. These file types may be subject to an art charge.

All raster artwork (.jpg, .bmp, .gif, etc) should be sent actual size. If you wish the image to be printed at 10" across, the image you send should be 10" across. Resolution should not be lower than 150dpi.

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